Typical Work Day at OTR

What is your typical work day like? Here at On The Road Truck Repair, the main focus of a mechanic is fixing big rigs. But we’re not like all the other truck repair companies. We did an interview asking a few mechanics why OTR is unique in helping them do what they love. That’s because here at OTR, we connect a name with a face and not just another paycheck.

Flexibility and Variety Makes a Great Typical Work Day

According to the US Department of Labor, anything outside the traditional 40-hour, 9-5 workweek is considered to be “flexible.” We take that one step further. Daniel Coleman says that “scheduling and having time off when you need it” is a huge pro in working for OTR. You can choose which yards you go to as well, and mechanics working for OTR really appreciate this. These two attributes contribute to a lot of variety in each workday.

An estimated three million Americans work third shift (11 pm – 7 am). Four million employees work the evening shift, and even more work floating or erratic schedules that include night work. According to Blue Water Credit “one in five employees in the U.S. works nonstandard hours, like evening, night, or rotating shifts.” Studies, published by respected publications such as Science Daily and Forbes, have shown that employees with flexible work schedules feel better supported by their bosses and have greater job satisfaction. At On The Road Truck Repair, we hope all employees love their job.

A Typical Work Day at On The Road Truck Repair

Day-To-Day Life

According to Daniel, there is no “typical day” at OTR. However, there are certain things that are constant with the job, says DJ McQueen. “It’s always busy and fast moving, no matter what you’re doing.”

Usually, mechanics begin the day when they are comfortable starting – anywhere from 8 am till noon – with the first course of action being a talk with their boss about scheduling, and then going out and getting oil and preparing the materials they need for the day.

But they don’t typically go to a yard until around 5:30 pm. So what does everyone do in between? One employee relates this time to the “5 – 9 part of office days” and spends the time with his son after school. Another employee says it’s the perfect time to get in a round of golf, shoot some clays, or work on his farm.

One of TJ Morris’ favorite aspect of the flexibility is the travel. In addition to different yards in various cities, he has had the opportunity to attend the Cotton Bowl and to witness Clemson win the 2019 CFP National Championship — because work took him in close proximity and he was able to work his schedule around these events.

After a fulfilling, restful, or family-focused day, they leave to go out and service trucks. See the article on night working to explore some of the pros of working at night. Mechanics do things such as change oil filters, swap tires, and many different types of troubleshooting and fixing. Each day wraps up with paperwork. The best part is, they get to do it at the times that work best for them.

Check out the career opportunities at On The Road Truck Repair. Maybe you’d enjoy this type of typical work day, too.