We Love to Service Trucks

We have our favorites, too!

A mechanic in the process of servicing a truck engine

“Mechanics at OTR service a very wide variety of trucks,” says Daniel Coleman. “I need variety in my life, so I enjoy both the challenging and easy trucks.” Usually there are a couple different types of trucks on each yard. DJ McQueen told us, “last night I serviced 10 trucks; there were at least 4 different types.”

Some Trucks are Easy to Service

Everyone has a different opinion on which trucks are the easiest to service, but they are all in agreement on one thing: the fewer filters, the less trouble.

DJ decided that the easiest truck to service is the 2016 Ford because they are very simple and fewer filters and less grease fittings to change.

Daniel says that the easiest truck for him to service is the new international 2-wheel trucks because filters are easy to access and there isn’t much oil. TJ Morris went with the gasoline Chevy 3500 without many parts and no grease filling.

And There are Challenging Trucks

Complicated to service trucks provide great challenges.

If you’re like DJ, though, who really loves a challenge, you might be more interested in the more complicated trucks. He says his most challenging is the Ford F500 series due to all the wires almost hiding the filters.

Tough to service this truck which is classified as a 6x6.

According to Daniel, any 6×6 truck is challenging because “they are big and people drive them places where trucks shouldn’t go.”

TJ says that the most challenging truck is a 6×6 with rock drill because of their double axels, which cause mechanics to spend extra time working on them.

Josh Cable from Body Shop Business says, “You have to be a plumber, an electrician, a fabricator, a painter and a body guy, because there’s plumbing and wiring in these big trucks. It’s like working on a motor home. So you kind of have to be everything.” DJ says “don’t forget about being a computer tech, too.”

DJ’s true favorite engine, though, he attributes to his heritage. His dad and grandpa were both Ford guys. He would love to rebuild a Ford F550 6.7 liter engine Diesel sometime soon.

No matter what kind of truck you prefer to service, you will find a wide variety here at On The Road Truck Repair.

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