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Insights into the world of diesel mechanics working in a mobile atmosphere.

Beat the Heat for Mechanics

Working in the heatAre you a mechanic who loves doing what you do, but are faced with one, huge obstacle… the heat? Luckily for you, this article is going to go into what you can do to beat the heat. You want to do your job efficiently while also staying cool and comfortable. We at On the Road Truck Repair are here to help.  So how can we do that?

Shade Helps To Beat The Heat

Obviously, you can’t show up to service a truck in a tank top and flip flops, so this article is here to tell you how you can stay cool without losing your job. I have interviewed many employees from On The Road Truck Repair and I am going to share with you some of their suggestions. If you work at night, you don’t have to worry about this first tip: taking breaks in a shady spot, so not to get too much sunlight exposure. Take it from Cordero Spencer, a highly trusted employee. “Find a shady spot to take breaks if you have to, although we usually do work at night.” TJ Morris agreed and said that he “works at night to beat the heat.”

Ice Is Great

Another employee  had the idea to always bring a cooler with ice. “Sometimes the yards even have coolers filled with ice for us; it’s really nice.” Another mechanic suggested he can beat the heat by bringing water and/or Gatorade®  for a refreshing break. A suggestion from is watermelon. “Watermelon is the juiciest of fruits…and even more refreshing than a cold can of fizz.” Grab a wedge, chop it up, or puree it to drink.

Plan Your Lunch

Here at On the Road Truck Repair, you are given $30 daily to buy food and water. Believe it or not, $30 dollars can go a long way to buy you a meal full of nutrients. This is what you need to keep you powered throughout the day. Don’t just stop by a fast food chain — they won’t sustain you for a full day of work. Instead, try looking out for proteins like cheeses or meats. Paleo Hacks suggests zucchini noodles and shrimp tossed in a macadamia nut pesto sauce — easy to make and to transport.

Prevent Heat Exhaustion

The Mayo Clinic recommends several way to stay cool when the temperatures rise. A few we encourage you to implement include:Drink Water to beat the heat and stay cool while working in the heat

  • Wear loose-fitting, light-weight clothing
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Take it easy during the hottest part of the day (we like working at night to help with this)

We hope you found this article helpful and that you use our tips to beat the heat on the yard so you can do what you do best, the best you can… servicing trucks!

If you are interested in learning more about us, check out the About Us page, or take a look at our current job openings.

Night-Shift Work is Great

Night-Shift Diesel Mechanic? Yes, Please!

At On The Road Truck Repair & Service, we provide a unique service for our customers – attending to their vehicles when it’s convenient for them—you know, during the night-shift when they aren’t working. That’s right. Preventive maintenance, diagnostics, repairs, you name it, we take care of it all overnight so our customers can hit the ground running in the morning. This isn’t only good for our customers. For me, being a night-shift diesel mechanic is great!

I love my job as a diesel mechanic – figuring out what’s wrong with a truck and fixing it is what I enjoy – and even better, I love working the night-shift. Let me tell you why.

I get to do my job uninterrupted.

That’s right, I get to work at my pace without distractions – no customers coming in, no boss hovering over me. We work in two-person teams, and really do have a great partnership. Once we talk with the boss, we know what needs to be done, and we do it. And the more I get done during my shift, the more money I have in my pocket.

I love a challenge.

And because it’s just me and my partner on the scene, I get to learn new skills, which is great. We can figure out faster, more efficient ways of doing things, and I’m always adding to my knowledge. That’s important. When I know more, I can better help our customers, my boss trusts me more, and I become more confident.

I have a ton of flexibility with my schedule.

Night-Shift work provides some beautiful sightsBeing a night-shift diesel mechanic, my days are free, so I don’t have to take a vacation day or time off just to go to the dentist, take care of something that can only be done during “normal business hours,” or take care of my kid when she has a day off from school or is sick. While my family’s sleeping, I’m working, which means that when I’m sleeping they’re at work or school. I get to spend all the time I want with them when they get home.

I avoid the usual “workman’s blues” thanks to the night-shift.

You know, like sitting in rush-hour traffic and dreading Monday morning. Working at night means I don’t have to sit in traffic with everyone else, and I don’t have to spend my Sunday worrying about getting up early to slog it out Monday.

When you put it all together, how could a diesel mechanic not enjoy working the nigh-shift schedule! So if you’re looking for a change, if you want more freedom, or if you just want to do what you already love doing, check out On The Road Truck Repair. We’re a 100% mobile company that services fleets of trucks on-site or between hauls, deploying a team of experienced, career-driven mechanics, and we’re expanding! If you’re in VA, MD, OH, NC, SC, GA, KY, TN, LA, or MS, we want to hear from you. Explore our night-shift diesel mechanic openings by clicking here.